About Us

HomeGardenRewards.com is the leading provider of marketing services for independent home & garden store owners. It's powered by Insight Out of Chaos, a privately held marketing company based in New York City, with offices in Florida and California. A pioneer in the data-driven marketing field, IOOC specializes in customer loyalty and frequent-buyer programs. Since 1995, IOOC has helped billion-dollar corporations and more than 1,000 independent home & garden stores, pet stores, and other retailers market to their customers through email, direct mail, and other media.

At HomeGardenRewards.com, we believe that every business, no matter its size, should have access to the sophisticated marketing tools that the big chains use. Our goal is to make targeted marketing programs simple and affordable — empowering small businesses to get the maximum return on each marketing dollar they spend.

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But enough about us. Let's talk about growing your business. Call 1-877-935-4662 or email info@HomeGardenRewards.com.